The 3 Most Popular Reno Hotels

The 3 Most Popular Reno Hotels

Reno, “The Biggest Little City in the World,” is one of the most popular tourist destinations. People visit Reno for various reasons like going on a nice family vacation, gambling, or just having fun. If any of these reasons should urge you to visit Reno, then you should know about the most popular Reno hotels.

One of the most popular Reno hotels is the El Dorado Hotel. Located in the middle of downtown Reno and known to locals as the Shining Star of Reno, it was named as having the best rooms and suites in Casino Player Magazine. Their rooms range from economy to luxury suites that will surely meet the needs of any traveller. Another reason for making it one of the most popular Reno hotels is their 580 seat showroom that hosts concerts, stand-up comedy, and live musicals. For those who come to win big money, they also have one of the best poker rooms in Reno. With its fun and lively environment, you are sure to have that great Reno experience.

Another popular Reno hotel is the Atlantis Casino Resort with its three towers, each with a different theme that offer a wide range of lodging options for travellers. If you’re visiting with your family, this popular Reno hotel is your best choice. It offers babysitting services, and is approximately six miles from the Wild Island Family Adventure Park. For the adventure seekers, Atlantis offers white-water and kayaking packages. And for those who wish to indulge in a relaxing getaway, spa and salon packages are available. It’s the only hotel in Reno that has both indoor and outdoor pools for a year-round swimming and poolside lounging; another feature that continue to make it one of the most popular Reno hotels.

Finally there’s the Peppermill Hotel Casino. Of the three most popular Reno hotels, this certainly isn’t the least. It’s the most awarded of All Reno Hotel Casinos and has been rated by MSN Citysearch as one of the top ten casinos in the country. For those who wish to have the best gambling experience, this is definitely the hotel for you. Some of its awards include Best Casino, Best Place to Gamble, and Friendliest Casino. They also have eight award-winning restaurants, a waterfall and a man-made mountain with a computerized wildlife show, and the most elegant rooms that will surely make your visit to Reno a most special and memorable one.

So if you’re planning to go to Reno, these three most popular Reno hotels should definitely be your top choices.