One of the first things on my bridal shower registry was an ice cream machine

One of the first things on my bridal shower registry was an ice cream machine

I was very happy and surprised to find that my great-aunt bought the unusual item for us. This was an unexpected gift from her because she is notorious for getting those gifts that wind up back in the store on December 26th. When I opened the ice cream machine at the bridal shower you would have thought that I won the lottery.

My husband was like a little kid when I got the ice cream maker back to the apartment. This present was by far the most exciting one that we received because it was such a great surprise. We started to assemble the ice cream machine before we even took the other gifts out of the car.

Once the ice cream machine was assembled we were a little disappointed to find that we needed to run to the store to buy rock salt and other items for the recipe. We wanted to get started on the project so I ran to the store to get the necessary items. My husband continued to unload presents.

Finding the necessary items in the store was a little bit of a hassle. These kinds of purchases aren’t really very popular in October but I was determined to get the ice cream machine working as soon as possible. After wandering around the super market for over an hour, I found what I was looking for and I was on my way.

We had the ice cream machine assembled. The recipe for basic chocolate chip ice cream was followed in detail and we were ready to put the ice cream maker in action. I plugged the unit into the outlet and with salt in hand I came to the sad realization that I forgot to buy ice.

When you live in a small apartment you typically have a small refrigerator. A small refrigerator usually has a small freezer that can’t accommodate food and ice. I had bought everything for the ice cream machine except the most important element. Sometimes it is really easy to overlook the obvious.